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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2# Letter to you!

Dear friend,

ignore this. but, this is true. you may have proud of what you have now. the lovely friends around you, they always do support you. the kindness of everything you accept, that is God's blessings. letting your feeling flows smoothly is sometimes easy, but sometimes you might don't know there always will be hurricane. and i know for sure, you've been ready for that. is that true? i know you, so well i think. look at you! you have been mature, already.

you cannot hide your things on me, i have my intuition in you. a big intuition. my heart says everything though i cannot see it in my eyes. once i said, just be brave for doing what you wanna do. just be honest to me. i appreciate it bigger than anything. i trust you, friend. me, the one who really no good of giving any gifts, making surprises, or anykind of that. but me, always have you in my pray. thousands!

we supposed to be together, as friend. you get it? i get it sad, but what should i do then? the real feeling of mine is, i do really care about you. i am so happy knowing you smile at there, so happy, more than you are. i am happy and blessed to know that you are so lovable, and others put their hearts on you. i am proud. once again, i am proud. but, there still ridiculousness on me. so weird to know that i have that kind of feeling. i dont ever mention it, cause i know it's just a kind of temporarary feeling, isn't it? :)

ya, hey you, the lovable one, the georgeous one. would you be there with me when the time stops? when the story ends, will us still be together?

i dont know. you dont know, too. let us ask our God.



(would it be continued? who knows! ha!)

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