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My name is Velofa Theresia. Well, this blog is the 1st of mine. Besides, I have 4 active blogs already right now. And me myself are now enjoying my exploration on writing stuffs. Academically, I have graduated from University of Indonesia, yes the campus in Indonesia they said, Bachelor of Economics – Major in Accounting. Practically, I worked on one of mining company in Indonesia, acting as Tax & Treasury Supervisor. Ya, these are kind of my workfield. Tax, accounting, finance, treasury, bussiness development project, salary and compensation stuffs, oh come on i should stop this topic. Lol.
Maybe some of you doesn’t want to know what I am interested in, but since this is my blog, I have right to share it. *smirk*
I have musics, singing, wiriting, sports (running-badminton-tennis-swimming-diving-workout-freeletics),  instrument playing (e.g. guitar-piano-trumpet-saxophone-flute), traveling, discovering places, literature reading, own simple vocal recording as my routines beside my job. How about you?
Okay, back to my writing hobbies. Well, actually I was starting to write my ‘dear-diary’ thingy since I was 9. As routinity explores, as techonologies transfroms, nowadays people just have blogs instead of manual diary, right?Then, I am losing idea what things I shud tell to you. Just drop me a message whenever you want.
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Whatever it is, just enjoy!
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