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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Let us face what in front of us (we still have time, anyway!)

Remembering those silly times, when driving slow on sunday morning with both heavy eyes. How silly we are, no? huahahahhaha.. time flies so fast anyway. Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today. Though future will be future, we have to prepare it all now.

Aaaa~ wanna be back to the time when we all together in happiness, but sometimes we are covered up with anger (not we actually, just me, ha?). Ya, that time! Those times! Though we just have a little time, we should spend it well. Ya ya ya, i dont have enough time actually. In a couple of years, i will leave you. I will leave these all. Aaaa~ maybe shorter than that, less than a couple of years. Gyaaa~ would i spend my last time here with ya? Wedeeh, still have enough time for facing that, lol!

Randoming, i read yesterday's horoscope in twitter, though i didn't totally believe with starstruck-thingy, i bet this time it might be true. It is said that :

1. Aries are exhilarated by "the chase" They get a thrill from the pursuit of anything.
2. Aries people are 'doers' rather than 'talkers'.
3. Aries love the challenge and the stimulation of good, intelligent conversation.
4. If success is not immediate, Aries tend to lose interest and give up easily. (me? No!) :')

Hahaha, accidentally true! While they say these about Taurus :
1. Taurus are nature and pet lovers. (Badly, my dad doesn't like animal too much)
2. Taurus make good use of all their talents. Including their characteristic determination and tenacity.
3. Taurus have a knack for finance and their financial advice is prized.

Why do i compare two stars here, Aried and Taurus? Because, based on my experience, i always have problems in getting along with Taurus. For example, my dad and i are the persons who was born to be stubborn. we both are always arguing each other, everyone feels right. Hahaha. Any other? Yes, dearoo. You, and also him. Gyahahaha. Life is always like that, anyway!

Then, i read this below. I bet it shud be the key for Aries and Taurus in order to building our relationship well. Isn't it?
 If both an #Taurus and #Aries are to get along they must fully understand each other and not force unwanted change.

Huahauhauhaa. Correct! Ok, i will try.
Hey, i am trying. :') But, note this, i am the one who cannot express my feeling directly to the person i'm into. Is that my lack? No, it is my luck! :D

Sometimes we are filled with joy and happiness, seems like this world is ours. But, in different times, we are covered up with anger. But, deep inside my heart, i still do care of you. Ah, it is so human being, no? Okey-dookey, let us face what in front of us!

P.S : when you have too much idle time in your day, you will find too much random-things. don't agree? I DO!

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