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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Dios, ayuda a sus hijos..

Hello Saturday night, we meet again!

It has been a week since I'll Divo concert-which-i-didn't-attend, you know what? Lots of things fight in my mind back then. Life stuffs, school stuffs, office stuffs, other stuffs. Everything has their own part in this mind. Kill me then lah, too many things, but thanks God, it means I still alive. Many stories I would share, but let us focused on what happen today first.

What I have planned today :
I wake up at 7, then having a bath. Dressed up and catch my presentation at 9 am at campuss. After that, having my laboratoy class at 1 pm, and followed by Manajemen Investasi class at 3 pm. When it all finished, preparing to go to Java Jazz Festival, meet up with Aa Pepenk. At late night,we go back to Bandung, cause tomorrow I'll have my performance at Balai Kota Bandung. It sounds well, anyway. You may ask, won't you come to Hoki and join with other committee, Vel? Yeah, I said no. I'll be still at there till 6 o'clock, right after that, I'll catch JIExpo.

But, you know what's the fact?

I wake up LATE in the morning, eight thirty am. I've been woken up by Arif, thanks anyway, Rif! Yeah, then having a bath, and I've arrived at campus at nine thirty. Gotcha! I've had my presentation at 11 am, finished class at 1 pm. Didn't attend my laboratory class, I went to hoki. Yeah, I was at hoki till magrib. DANG!! I have just remembered that I lose my Manajemen Investasi class at 3 pm. Huhuhu..
And, I thought twice to come to JIExpo. Why? I don't know, I have no mood suddenly. So many things happened at hoki today changed my mood a lot. Instead of that all of my office-mates were already at the venue. They have asked me whether I come or not, yet I said yes. Aa have also arrived. Fyuh! So bad mood, I decided to not go, yet my mom called me and asked to be at home tonight, cause we'll have some things tommorrow. Okay, everything's broken! I cancelled and missed everything, I decided to not go to Bandung, means that I will lose my performance tomorrow. Then, now, I walked my home alone. I have no friend, cause Joddy prefer to stay at kosan tonight. And there's no other who can accompanying me home. Yes, it's so okay!!!


Do you know that I am so sad? Do you know that many things in my mind that trying to kill me? I really want to share with you, but I don't know how to start. Do you know I am personally 'galau'? Yep, I am galau.
No. No. You might think that it's all about love, isn't it? Hahahhaha.. You did wrong, dude!
I myself really feel uncomfort lately. You know that all of my subjects at school are the funniest I ever had, I hardly breath they made. Practically, I am too much, my job really needs me to do more than I give now, and don't forget that I am still having job at that unit. Lucky me, yesh!!


No. I didn't regret it. I thank God of it. Thank God I am still alive until now. But, could you yourself help me to solve these matters in hand?

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