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Thursday, July 11, 2013

For whom it may concern

A day after..

I never realize that it turned out to be like this. Starting from months ago that i came to this place and saw you for the first time. Me, and you, we acted like we ever knew before. And, voila! This is life, time flies, we meet everyday, we talk every way, we share everything. Me, and you, once again. But, there is distance. Distance between us, though us is very near.  You, a very far away from me. Million differences, but still, us as one. Would you be? Would i? Would us?

And now you're standing close to me, starring at my eyes, embracing me. No words, but yeah, i am hearing our hearts start transffering signals. Yes, you i admire. Oh, crap what did i say?

I know it could be weird. Your voices, my voices. I know it could be wrong. But please just stay the same, and let me out. I doubt this feeling. I doubt me. I trust you. To be honest, i can't resist it, but i can't imagine too if there is something happen.

*hahahha suit suit

**to be continued

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