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Saturday, November 13, 2010


The night that had successfully made my heart feel soo AHA!

Started from the qoutes on twitter, next is the thought of Cune's. Suddenly, i looked at Diah's tweet who said : "Ini semua masalah PRIDE!". Hha. Reminds me that that 'ex' ever said that statement everything i pay for his things/meals. Hey, it's soo simple, boss! Cuman bayarin doank, sekali-kali gapapa kali, heboh banget pake bawa-bawa pride segala. 555+. :D

Ok. and, other thing is, my chit-chat with Cune. Oh, life..

Thankies that have made feel soo AHA! Having a flashback-memory-and-feelings made me looks like a fool. 555. Look at me now! I just can laugh. Laugh at myself. Hhhii. Udah lama gak pacaran. Jadi, hampir lupa gimana rasanya. 555+.
How life can be soo weird, huh! But, it's life. NANO-NANO! And , i choose Peppermint Mocha!

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