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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Its Damn True! #1

Here are the words that most describe waht i've been true. Hha. Another copycat, but it's normal (for me). Haha. Here they are :

MOVE ON = 2 words + Easy to say + HELL TO DO!  
well, actually this sentence is not so friendly to me, huh. it's soo okay, better than no. i've been trough this since a half year, but now, it seems be back. and, im so 'thankful' to a friend of mine, Jodhi. He's the one who have madde my feeling unwell, just because of this. I still remember the way he sing those broken heart songs for me, the way he looks at me, where his eyes stare at me then say ; "Oh, girl, come'on, you gotta go out of these". Then, i just can laughed at him, and say that everything's allright, baby. He asked me to move on. Huh, it will never be like this if he didnt remind me, seems like you have me it so hell for me to do, haha!. Ok, thanks a much anyway, dear!

There are songs i cant listen to because all the nostalgia comes up with them.
here it is. totally right, eh? yeah, those songs sometimes make us feel soo different. i mean, they suddenly can change our mood. so predictable, it may cause all the memories are in the songs. Haha. this qoute reminds me these words :

Every song has a memory; every song has the ability to make or break your heart.
 so  true, rite? lol

Poor me, i haven't met Mr. Right yet, but you have met Mr. Fake, Mr. Rude, and Mr. Player!
well, actually, i've ever met a right once. :) so better than never, rite? ever met, ever have, but poor me, i lose him. -___-"   *soo drama!*

"To know and be disappointed" is better than "To not know and always wonder."
at least, you have experienced. so fine if you fail. it shows that you have enough know about the pain, and know how to make a good start again. huh, soo easy to tell, then damn so hard to do. so human!

In every tweet/text I send, there's either a "haha" and/or smiley in each of them.
not really a bull, haha. (see? another 'haha' in it. so common)

The most difficult thing = Hide your tears behind your smile
anyone who doesnt the meaning of these?! oh, get out, please.

Forgive and forget are such the hardest things to do
but for me, it's soo easy to forgive, but so damn hard to put them away from my mind.

Fuuh! damn its true!

Just take a deep breath for a sec, then relax! Enjoy what i feel. :)

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