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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How if this happened in '45?

@sutansjahrir: Just heard the news at BBC. Japan surrenders themselves to Alliances. W00t!

@wikana: @sutansjahrir - SRSLY?

@darwis: @sutansjahrir - Yea. Heard it too @ BBC. Kewl.

@sutansjahrir: @wikana - Yep. Tune your radio to BBC.

@wikana: Just heard the news at BBC. T3H NEWS. W00T!

@darwis: That atomic bomb should be helluva gigantic huge.

@chaerulsaleh: @wikana @sutansjahrir - Yep. Just now.

@chaerulsaleh: @sutansjahrir @wikana @darwis - Check your DM. Got something to tell ya.

@darwis: @chaerulsaleh - Net is suck here. Will check the DM later.

@sutansjahrir: @chaerulsaleh - Have read your DM. Anybody following @soekarno here?

@wikana: @sutansjahrir - Got @hatta at my friends list. Will do?

@darwis: Okay. Back online with much better connection :D

@maeda: Waiting for news from Tokyo

@hatta: Whoa. The news is surprising.

@darwis: @sutansjahrir @chaerulsaleh @wikana - Whoa whoa guys. Should we talk to @maeda

@darwis: The Net is pretty suck here. Maybe because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Meh.

@wikana: Welcoming @soekarno. Hello good sir :)

@maeda: @darwis - I heard my name being mentioned. What happened? *popped in*

@soekarno: "To be or not to be. That is the question."

@soekarno: @wikana - Hello to you too :)

@wikana: @soekarno - Could you check your DM sir? Some urgent stuffs here.

@soekarno: @wikana - Haz replied your DM. Thanks.

@darwis: @maeda - We might need some of your help.

@maeda: @darwis - Anytime dude.

@wikana: @soekarno - Pray for me, good sir. Was that your final answer?

@wikana: Some stuffs need to be done. Fast.

@soekarno: @wikana - Yes.

@hatta: The press is going crazy.

@maeda: Why I feel such a bad feeling today?

@hatta: @maeda - Hi there. You okay?

@chaerulsaleh: Swift as the wind.

@maeda: @hatta - Yes :) Thanks for the concern.

@maeda: Offline. Tons of things to do.

@sutansjahrir: @maeda - Bye *waves*

@sutansjahrir: "Do or do not, there is no try."

@hatta: I think bad feeling is contagious. Somehow I feel uneasy too :|

@hatta: Off now. Need to take rest.

@soekarno: Sleepy. Off now.

@sutansjahrir: @chaerulsaleh @wikana @darwis - Check your DM again guys.

@chaerulsaleh: @sutansjahrir - Have read it. OK.

@wikana: Final decision. Tonight.

@darwis: @sutansjahrir - Right-o.

@soekarno: Online. On my way to Rengasdengklok.

@hatta: Going to Rengasdengklok. Good grief, are these guys never sleep? *yawns*

@soekarno: Wee-hours trip with kids. Wow-zie.

@wikana: Rengasdengklok. Hot debate.

@sutansjahrir: Mr. Ahmad Subarjo is here!

@darwis: I think I just saw flying tables...

@wikana: @darwis - Nobody is throwing tables.

@darwis: @wikana - How did you know? :P

@wikana: @darwis - Because I sit right beside you. That's why. And I see the whole thing.

@chaerulsaleh: @wikana @darwis - Good grief you guys.

@sutansjahrir: @wikana @darwis @chaerulsaleh - We sit in the same table yet WE TWEET WITH

@soekarno: @sutansjahrir @wikana @darwis @chaerulsaleh - Hi guys :D

@hatta: Sleepy...

@hatta: The meeting is adjourned. Now we are wondering where we could continue the meeting.

@wikana: Anybody got house that we could go barge in for a meeting? Anybody?

@maeda: Just woke up. The whole gank was in front of me.

@darwis: @maeda - Terribly sorry sir. We need your house for a meeting.

@maeda: Apparently this is the meaning of 'bad feeling' that I got this morning :|

@sutansjahrir: Apparently @maeda haz nice house.

@hatta: Another person coming in. Mr. Nishimura.

@soekarno: Good grief. Another heated up debate.

@maeda: I hate for being in the middle :|

@hatta: ... And I thought being independent is a right for humankind...

@maeda: *yawns*

@soekarno: Would somebody please hand me some bricks to throw?

@hatta: Typing the stuffs down. With @soekarno, @sayutimelik and some other guys.

@soekarno: The text is being typed by @sayutimelik and I need some good coffee now. Thanks.

@hatta: I'm signing history right now.

@soekarno: Completely amazed. Wow. Just wow.

@maeda: Oh. it finished already. Goodie. Breakfast, anyone?

@soekarno: @maeda - Hey, thank you very much :)

@hatta: So. Ikada? Naaah, didn't think so :|

@soekarno: ... And now my house is going to be a part of history.

@soekarno: Need to ask my wife to find the flag that she made several days ago. @fatmawati, have you woke up yet?

@hatta: OTW to @soekarno's house.

@soekarno: A little bit lunatic at my house :|

@soekarno: Going giddy about reading a thing that would change this nation's history forever.

@hatta: @soekarno - Hey, you can do it.

@soekarno: Feeling instant pride deep inside. I will never get tired of it. "Proklamasi..."

@hatta: You know that feeling of pride and awesomeness? Yeah, I'm on it now.

@wikana: @soekarno - WHOAH! CONGRATULATIONS!

@darwis: @soekarno @hatta - GOOD WORK! CONGRATS!

@chaerulsaleh: FREEDOM! FREEDOM FOR ALL!

@sutansjahrir: Just screamed out loud "FREEDOM!" outside. As Archimedes said it, "EUREKA!"

@soekarno: Still humming 'Indonesia Raya'
Thanks to Wikipedia for the information :)

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