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Friday, May 17, 2013

Travelling teaches us lot!

"Hey, Mister. How are you? Can we take picture?"

Yeah, that's a common thing you find from Jakartans when they meet foreigners. Some do that, some not. When I'm with my friends at Kota Tua last night (I use last night because the date has already changed, though it happened just few hours ago hehe), so many people calling at him, asking him for something, and bla bla bla.

"Why do they call me 'mister'? Also in Bali, they used to call me 'boss'? They're not working for me, but they call me their boss", once my friend asked me. A funny question. Hahaha.

Ya, this is Indonesia, where people are mostly nice, especially for foreigners. Some of them still taking a look at them, smiling at them. Most of Indonesian are easy-smiling, most of my bule-friends says so. They speaks English better than Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia do.

I have just already met my friend few hours ago. He is Canadian, named Maxime Brunelle, who is having round-the-world trip for almost 5 months. Once he's at Vietnam, he find it hard talking to locals. They are not used to speak English well, and also easy to get angry. It also happened in Thailand.

Well, for me, I find it as essence of travelling itself. Travelling teaches us how to deal with people, how to interact with the new one. The way we adapt oursleves among the new situation strengthen us during travelling. The inconviniences things we have during trip sometimes cannot lessen the great moments we feel. 

Travelling allows us to freely analize the trend of the country we visit. Sometimes these are lessons that you can't find from any text books. I do believe this : Sometimes it's not about the destination. It is about how we face the time amazingly.

Every traveller has their own way. When travelling, some of them prefer staying at the hostel, while others choose to doing something challenging outside the room, like bungee jumping or etc. Some are looking for culinary, others going to museums. Feel free of doing everything. Yes, that's the key of travelling, being independent.

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