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Thursday, January 22, 2015

That random chat..

One last question, how do you see me?     /    Why do you ask? /   Simple. I just ask. /     Hmm, you're smart, you have eagerness on books and curious. Some people may found you as the annoying one, you really straight to the point. You're stubborn, you know. That persistent yet tender one. You really keep your heart, like the box with fragiled sticker. You don't wanna get hurted.    /   Come one, no one will let theirselves get hurted, no?    /   Yeah, but you. You are relly into that circumspect. You always get ready for your mask, you don't use it tho. Why?    /    Do I? Do really I? It clearly appeared?      /       You couldn't hide it from me, dear. Come on..     /     Okay, I admit, I, we can't handle most of things that come and happen in our life. So the best way is avoiding. Make it longer, or just simply avoid.

Just avoid. You know, us, human are really the most flexible one. People come and go into our life, just count. How many? One? Two? Hundreds? Or maybe thousands. We meet the same but most different person everyday. So, how we handle it? How? With a beautiful hello, we're become friends. Getting into bestfriends. Don't you ever think that somebody outside there is crying right now looking the fresh-new-bestfriends? Don't ever think it?
And, when those bestfriends, those significant others go out from our life, how? How do we handle? Crying? Longing and longing? 

So, we could just simply prevent it.  

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